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Nadine: Owner of Serenity's

Northern Nevada's only Open Gravity Colonic Therapy Retreat.


About Nadine and Serenity's

Serenity’s clients have seen myriad improvements.

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High cholesterol
Bladder problems
Aches and pains
Mental fog
Skin Issues
Emotional release
Weight issues
Blood pressure
Knee problems
Liver Spots
Immune disorders
Thigh/groin injury
Chronic pain
Sugar cravings
Abnormal white blood cell count
Hair loss

My name is Desirae.

I am a 24-year-old resident of Sparks, Nevada. Ever since I could remember, I've always had a problem with constipation and bloating. My mother had mentioned to me that I've had troubles with it since I was a little girl. Before I went to see Nadine, I was bloated and constipated 24/7. I would take the over-the-counter laxatives and anti-gas supplements, but they didn't seem to fix the problem at all.
I definitely noticed my bloated stomach when I was training for my first marathon in 2007. I trained for five months, and I could see myself getting thinner, but my belly was staying the same. I didn't get it. I thought I just had a lot of belly fat. I tried to fix the problem with working out more and doing extra sit-ups — but it still stayed the same!
In February 2008 I went to Serenity’s for a consultation with Nadine. I'll admit it, I was nervous! I had never done colonic therapy before, but I had always been interested. After sitting with Nadine and talking to her about my problems with bloating and constipation, I wanted to have my first session as soon as possible!
I have had a total of nine open gravity colonics from Nadine. My results were no more bloating! I now have a bowel movement one or more times a day, which is a drastic change from moving once every two to three days, I've lost a total of two inches off my waist, one inch off my ribs and six pounds overall. The cool thing about it is that I kept it all off.
Since seeing Nadine, I've recommended my mother to have a colonic. She is a survivor of thyroid cancer, and I knew this would be a great thing to do in order to get more of those yucky toxins out of her body. She has had a total of 10 sessions, and she released parasites during her first couple colonics. She, too, was amazed with the results.
I would encourage everyone to try colonic therapy. It sure has made a positive change for me and my mother.

I met Nadine when we both went to a school for closed pressure colonics at the same time. But after school we went different ways. Nadine decided to try open gravity colonic system, and she was very successful with that. She got tremendous results. She was amazed at what came out of her and her clients.

I started my own business in 2004. In the beginning I was very successful, but after a while people became less and less interested in the colon cleanse. I decided to come see Nadine and try the system that she is using. I did not know what to expect, because I was sure I was pretty clean inside. I was shocked from the results. I delivered old, old stuff. The next day I felt like a newborn person.

I feel like I have wasted three years in my business and bought a machine that is useless. I am highly recommending to everybody who wants to be healthy to come and see Nadine and do the colon cleanse. By using Nadine’s system my body has changed, and I had been doing closed pressure colonics for three years in my business. I don’t have words to express just the amazing difference of doing colonics with Nadine and the open gravity system, compared to the system both of us were first trained on.

Svetlana Shpreyregin
Seattle, Washington

I went to Serenity’s for a seven-day cleanse, which I was not sure if I would fast or stay soft since I did not feel I would be able to do the fast for seven days.
Prior to coming to Nadine I would have thought this was not much more than an enema.

The first day of the fast was the toughest, not so much of not being able to eat but more of the habit of eating. The second day became routine, and I did not think at all of eating. I felt good the second day, but the third day is when my energy level increased noticeably. Every day after that my energy level rose even though I was not eating, which surprised me. I was not hungry.

I was a smoker for 30 years and quit smoking four years ago. For the last four years approximately three to six times daily since quitting I would have a flashback and crave a cigarette. This would last approximately three seconds a few times a day, and then I would put the thought out of my head. But since doing the cleanse I have not had a craving or a desire for a cigarette at all. In fact I have been off the cleanse for two days, and when one of my guys lit up a cigarette in the truck it nauseated me.

Before I would have not cared and had no negative effects from the smoke. It made me feel that the nicotine addiction and desire is finally gone. Since the cleanse I have politely requested him to no longer smoke in my truck, which he has complied with.

I also stopped a day after the cleanse at a Taco Bell and ordered just beans and rice, thinking it was better than a hamburger. I was surprised that this little bit of fast food knotted or unsettled my stomach, and I thought I was going to throw up. Yet the day before, right after my cleanse, I ate a natural beef and organic taco with an organic field green salad that Nadine prepared and had no problem right before I caught the plane home and noticed my stomach was full quicker and my tummy felt good — like a warm hug — no problem with my stomach. So I feel that my stomach cannot tolerate chemicals or additives since the cleanse. Today I did not eat any fast food, and the food I did eat had no negative effects on my stomach. I also realized I seem to need less food, and what I do eat I am satiated quicker.

I feel this is because I have better absorption. I am not sure of the weight loss but on the seventh day my belt notch had decreased by three notches. It was nice to see inches lost around my stomach. It is not why I did the cleanse, but it was a nice bonus!

Also, my blood pressure has been running borderline high. Today I had my blood pressure checked and it has dropped. Normal for me is 139/86 and today it was 129/80. I have not been on blood pressure medicine for close to two years, and it dropped it to where I was on my medicine.

I had respiratory polio when I was 4 years old and had pneumonia 14 years ago which Nadine felt that I was already backed up in my system with mucous. I could not believe how much was coming out of me especially after 6 days without food and that is when it started making sense and I understood what she had been saying all along. I was also amazed of the amount of mucous released…nothing new….just lots of old stuff …. which also explained the respiratory issues I have had in the past and still had issues with some till I started the cleanse. What I was dealing with regarding my respiratory system before the cleanse was tightness … almost felt like a lung infection…I don’t know if that was what it was or what it was working up to but it feels like it is gone. I also feel like I breathe deeper and my breathing less labor and my sinuses seem to have cleared up.

Another physical ailment I struggle with is my knees. The left knee I had an arthroscopic surgery for a tear in medial meniscus. That outpatient surgery was done 3 years ago. In my profession I walk an average 6 or 7 miles a day and the knee would get inflamed. Since the cleanse almost no inflammation, feels stronger, went hiking in Tahoe when I was on the cleanse and the only ill effect was the altitude where it would have burned especially climbing which I did. I have been back to work for 2 days since the cleanse and my knees are great. I am taking longer strides and there is no need for the ice pack at the end of the day.

I am not sure I want to go to the next benefit if I can call it that. Nadine had talked to me about an emotional cleanse that some people experience. Especially the emotional release I could not figure out how that could have been tied to the colon. That just sounded like a girly thing cuz they are just so emotional. Girls can cry over the most mundane thing and my brother died 2 years ago and I did not shed a tear. Only way I could describe it was an inner “awakening” and it completely caught me off guard. The morning of the 5th day I was talking with Nadine over some non-emotional events and immediately started tearing up. Keep in mind the only tears I remember ever shedding was 15 years ago at the funeral of my Dad that I loved dearly and had a very close relationship. It was not always verbal but always known. After the education I received from Nadine and Dr. Bernard Jensen the colon to me is like the root of the tree and if the root is stuck in filth. The tree dies because it cannot find the nourishment through all the toxins. Which affects the “WHOLE” tree and to me that is like the human body when it is filled with toxins. The toxic human being, which is most of us, gradually over time gets so toxic that it affect our emotional, physical, and spiritual being that we don’t realize we are running on 2 cylinders instead of 8 cylinders.

On my last night of the cleanse I did a liver and gall bladder cleanse. And I experienced more emotional release and I am not sure how to describe it. Nadine had told me that the liver stores anger. I was not feeling anger but extreme compassion. It was a peaceful day spent in nature in Tahoe and Genoa. Since this cleanse I have been a lot more open to speak about my emotions with emotions. Before I was very quiet and had a difficult time expressing myself especially about emotional issues if I even talked about it which I realize recently had to be changed. One of two of my preadolescent sons was picking up my bad habit of emotional shutdown. Now that I am back home I have improved my communication. I am open to my boys about sharing my emotions and they in return are opening up more to me and sharing their feelings. Even with my 26 year old son who is on his own which I have always been close with and professionally works with me.

One last thing with the liver and gall bladder cleanse was all the “pebbles” that released some of them as big as marbles. I was shocked they were inside of me. The blemishes on my face that Nadine told me were liver spots from a very toxic liver a couple I have noticed are diminishing in color. Nadine had told me once my liver had room that the toxins would be pulled from my skin and brought back to my liver. I have realized I have just began cleansing my body and have a long way to go still. After 30 years of abusing my body I have gone today to organic stores in Phoenix and began making the change to whole food like grains and grass fed beef and free range chicken. As Nadine would say “I GOT IT!”.

There is no way I would have believed the benefits that this cleanse has brought not only to me but my boys. To sum it up it is so simple and just makes common sense. Anyone who invest in Nadine’s cleanse or colonics the long term benefits would exceed any sacrifice made in doing the cleanse. It is investment for the future. I feel it will eliminate a lot of medical cost that will probably never happen if a person takes action in prevention. So this is a case of being proactive in your health and not waiting for crisis to happen if toxins are left to build up to continue poisoning the body. This is my strong belief and feeling after seeing what I released and the well being I felt afterwards.

Ron W. Timmerman

I have been dealing with heath issues for many years. Including not having a bowel movement for 1 to 2 months at a time. I was gaining weight like crazy. (Even while I was working out six days a week and eating really healthy). I have been to many medical doctors trying to figure out what was wrong with me. After years of test and having them take out my gallbladder they finally told me it was in my head and prescribed approximately half a dozen prescriptions including valium and antidepressants. I did not see how it was going to help my bowels move so I never filled any of the medication. So I kept on researching things on my own, and I found a natural clinic that diagnosed me with Lyme disease. During my treatments with them quite a few of their patients told me about a colonic place called Serenity’s. I was a little bit nervous to try colonics because I had done approximately 20 sessions on a closed pressure colonic in Salt Lake City, Utah before with very little results. But because the clinic's patients spoke so highly of Serenity‘s I decided to try it again. When I arrived there I found out it was a open gravity colonic (which I have never even heard of before). I was amazed at my results after just three days on colonics I went to the bathroom sixteen times on my own, and I released probably a dozen Strictures which has been linked with cancer. I was also amazed at the mucoloid plaque that came out with strong colon wall indentations. I had never seen anything like what came out of me before and wondered just how much absorption of nutrients I had even absorb. I am sure I was lead to Nadine for a reason and I believe she has saved my life. Thanks Nadine.

Amber, 25 years old
Layton, Utah

I believe that all individuals can and will benefit from colonic therapy. My journey began in October 2006, shortly after my engagement party and celebrating my 30th birthday, I discovered a lump in my left breast. Although, breast cancer or cancer for that matter doesn't run in my family I decided to get the lump checked out. On Friday Dec 15, 2006, my primary care physician informed me that I had an aggressive form of breast cancer and would have to begin chemotherapy immediately. To say the least, I couldn't comprehend the words that were being spoken to me. Like many individuals diagnosed with cancer you ask, how and why is this happening to me? My personal journey included chemotherapy, a partial mastectomy with lymph node removal and twenty-five rounds of radiation.

After my aggressive and intense treatments were complete, I felt very strongly that my body needed to be detoxified and cleansed. I began to research colonic therapy and became very aware of how important a well functioning bowel system was to overall health. As I began to think back over my life, I realized that my bowel movements were never very regular. Previously, I thought regularity was a nuisance and having bowel movements every few days was a good thing. I soon realized I was very wrong and how having a weak and sluggish bowel could affect my overall health.
I learned about Serenity’s Colonic Cleansing from a friend who had experienced several sessions with Nadine and spoke very highly of the open-system practiced at Serenity’s and how your modesty was protected throughout the treatment.

During my time at Serenity’s I was amazed at what past through me, definitely not anything I had ever seen before. My results also included renewed energy and mental clarity. Since my first colonic was the day after my last radiation treatment, I was also pleased to watch how quickly my radiation burns seemed to heal.
Although my personal journey included conventional treatment, I believe colonic therapy has aided in eliminating toxins in my body while ultimately retraining my system to eliminate properly.

I will be incorporating colonic therapy and I pray that more individuals realize that this “taboo” topic is natural and a vital means to overall health.

Vacaville, California

I want to share with you how colonic therapy made so many positive changes in my health. I am a Type 1 Diabetic so a strict diet and excercise are a must for me. Additionally, I had been struggling with a thigh/groin injury, ongoing yeast infections, and a severe irregularity problem.

I work with a personal trainer weekly and I mentioned to her how bad I was feeling and some of my symptoms. She recommended I call Nadine at Serenity's. I had no knowledge about colonics but she explained to me how she thought it would help me. I told her I would check into it. A few more weeks past, and I was feeling worse! I decided to go in and have an open/gravity colonic with Nadine. After my colonic with Nadine I realized that doing this cleanse would really help my bowel trouble, but what I didn't realize is the other amazing results that followed too!

The colonics were very private, and I was made to feel very comfortable throughout my colonics. This was my first experience with colonic therapy and I was amazed at what came out!! I have to mention that I was shocked at the huge parasite nest that came out along with a lot of other elimination.

I could not believe how much better I felt right away! My bowels were better after a couple of colonics, I could release my thigh/groin injury for the first time in months, I have been yeast infection free since my colonics and the most amazing was my sugar levels dropped to the point I had to call my diabetes doctor and ask to decrease my insulin! I had no idea how much colonic therapy could help my health, but I know now that colonic therapy and eliminating toxins from my body is the key to me feeling better!

Reno, Nevada

Jack Reviglio told me to go to Serenity’s for Colonic Therapy. He had done both closed-pressure and open-gravity colonics. Jack felt the open gravity system was far more superior and told me the only place to go was to Serenity‘s. I was a little skeptical that this would benefit me and the incredible pain I was suffering. I was on a Fentanyl Patch and taking Dilaudid 2 to 3 times daily just to control pain. Both are very powerful narcotic pain killers.

Approximately 2 months later my brother in law was very insistent that I go. The following day I called Nadine and on June 1st, 2007 this is where my healing began. After my first colonic I started crying I could not believe the pressure that it took off my back. Since then I have gone from seven medications to just one. I have so much more energy then I ever had!

An overview of my medical history. It was October of 2001 and I began to have terrible leg shaking on my right leg then I had a Grand Mal Seizure, I was taken to the emergency room by ambulance. After an MRI I was told I had a huge “mass” in my brain and at the end of my spine. Not knowing what it is I was told I needed to have Brain Surgery. I had a brain surgery in February of 2002, after that my whole life went downhill, I was having seizures, horrible migraines and leg pain that put me through the roof. My white cell blood count was always really high and my red blood count really low. I have been on as many as 15 medications and have had at least 20 to 25 medications prescribed. Some stopped migraines and seizures but the side effects were horrible. I was depressed , horrible anxiety, constipation, horrible muscle pain, my gums were falling apart and my teeth were ruined and 11 teeth had to be pulled. Also my hair was falling out and after brain surgery my hair went gray were they took off my scalp. My colonoscopy report came back 75% blockage and if the medication didn’t work then surgery on the removal of some part of my colon would be the next avenue the GI Doctor wanted to take. I am only 32 and this started when I was 24.

Before colonic therapy I had gone to UC Davis to visit a Neuroscientist, to a Pain Management Clinic, I had seen an Acupuncturist, a homeopathic doctor and four other M.D. Specialist. Some of the places that I went did help me to feel better but I had so many side effects and everything I did seem to last for a short while, until I did Colonic Therapy. Since I have been doing colonics I do not have side effects and so much of my pain is gone permanently! I cannot recommend ANYTHING more than colonic therapy.
How Serenity’s Colonic Therapy has benefited me:
My white blood cell count is now normal and my red blood cell count has gone up significantly to just a little anemic.

My pain has been cut in half
I have lost over 25 pounds without dieting
I do not have the sugar cravings that I had before
I have energy again! Approx. 80% more. I finally feel like I am in my 30’s again instead of a decrepit 90 year old lady.
My migraines are gone
No more seizures
The shaking in my leg is controlled
I feel like I have better clarity
I would have a bowel movement 1 to 2 times a month. I am now up to once to twice a day with the Colonic Therapy and still improving.

My hair has stopped falling out by the handfuls.
Before colonics I was getting sick at least once a week (ie…viruses, cold infections, flu‘s), since coming to Nadine I have not been getting sick
One of the most touching moments was when my brother in law asked my husband at his birthday party how he felt about the Colonic Therapy. My husband replied with tears in his eyes, “I have my wife back!”.


My colonics journey began in October of 2006 as a last resort of attaining restored health after years of visiting endless doctors who kept telling me I was fine. Well I felt terrible and I knew I wasn’t fine. My list of complaints was endless, the biggest being debilitating fatigue, chronic bladder infections, and constipation. I was originally directed to Nadine Marchuck by a Nurse Practitioner whom I had been seeing for a couple of years. She suggested that perhaps trying colonics might be a good next step, but she also strongly suggested that if I were going to go that route that I only go to Nadine.

From the first session I began to feel a sense of relief, and as time passed I began to combine as many colonics in a row as I could; usually a week of colonics every other month. During that week I “overdose” on the drinks and follow a strict fasting rule for maximum results. Each session brings me to a higher level of being. At one point I even made an appointment for a “regular” colonic to make a comparison. As I had never done a colonic before, I had no information from which to judge which would be more effective. After one closed pressure colonic it is my opinion that it was waste of time and money with literally no positive results. The process was invasive and embarrassing, and to top it off it was more expensive!
I have learned that if you clean your body on the inside, it will take care of itself. During the last year I have observed the following positive results:

Energy levels have sky-rocketed
My hunger is satisfied more quickly, so I am eating less.
I have lost over 20 lbs. without dieting.
My stomach has flattened and I have hip bones again.
Not even a cold in the last 13 months.
Skin smoother, face clearer, and an eczema I’ve had since I was 15 is completely gone.
My cholesterol levels have dropped dramatically without drugs.
Age spots on my arms and legs diminishing.
Insomnia is gone – sleeping soundly again.
Bladder problems are gone – no more running to the bathroom every hour
All aches and pains have vanished
My thought processes are clearer and memory has improved

There are many other benefits I have derived from this wonderful, easy process; and I would be happy to share those with anyone. My body has gone back in time about 30 years, and I am so thankful that I found Nadine and Serenity’s which has elevated my quality of life to a whole new level. With the toxins in the air and all of the processed foods we ingest, this is an easy and inexpensive way to help keep you healthy.


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